Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Mumbai)

Cloud server management brings with it as many challenges as it offers conveniences

8 Dec 2017, Endurance International Group, Mumbai

Cloud server management brings with it as many challenges as it offers conveniences. It is time to unbundle questions about:

  1. Resource allocation: manpower, time and money.
  2. Scaling: how best to utilize capacity in the present, and factors involved in planning for the future.
  3. Security: which scenarios must you plan for, and how best to secure your data, applications and systems?

Here’s what you can expect at the miniconf:

  • 3-hour workshop on Ansible and Terraform for Configuration Management on AWS, led by Ambar, Akshay and Deepak of CloudCover.
  • Talks on serverless, scaling infrastructure with cloud agnostic approaches, CI/CD pipelines and automation principles.
  • Discussions on resource allocation, continuous integration and doing data science on cloud.
  • Demos which will help you optimize costs and infrastructure with AWS

Each talk will be delivered by CTOs and practising architects working on the roadmap to scaling infrastructure in their companies – Haptik, CleverTap, Helpshift, and WebEngage. Look forward to real-world insights and war stories from their experiences. This is also an exclusive opportunity for you to network with them.

Icing on the cake- every participant will receive $100 worth AWS credits at the end of the event. Your ticket just got more valuable!

Who should attend?

  • Open source and Python developers who are getting started with DevOps.
  • Practising DevOps programmers.
  • Programmers seeking hands-on training on infrastructure management and virtualization.
  • Architects who want to participate in the community, and discuss their approaches.

Why should you attend?

  • To learn from experiences and insights shared by your peers.
  • To understand how best to utilize time, money, manpower and infrastructural resources for your use-case.
  • For training on configuration management.


  • Chennai – 25 November 2017.
  • Mumbai – 8 December 2017.
  • Gurgaon – 20 January 2018.

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