Workshop: Kubernetes 201

Upskill with advance topics of Kubernetes.

13 May 2018, Bangalore


In 2017, Kubernetes had emerged as default choice of Container Orchestration. This workshop will look at some of the advance topics of Kubernetes like RBAC, Ingress, Storage management, Monitoring etc.


  • Basic knowledge of Kubernetes is required
  • Access to a laptop/system with VirtualBox installed or a Linux VM


  • Quick review Kubernetes concepts (20 mins)

  • Setup of all in one Kubernetes with Minikube or access to cloud setup would be provided (10-15 mins)

  • Kubernetes Authentication process and Role Based Access Control (20 mins)

  • Kubernetes Ingress and Service Mesh (20 mins)

  • Storage (volume) management with Kubernetes (30 mins)

  • ConfigMap and Secret Management (20 mins)

  • Deploy a sample micro-service application (10 mins)

  • Moniroing and Tracing of an microservices based application using Prometheus and OpenTracing (30 mins)

  • Discussion about deploying Kubernetes in production

  • Q & A


Neependra Khare

Founder, CloudYuva