Workshop: Upskill with Kubernetes

Upskill with basics to advance topics of Kubernetes.

9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, 17 November 2018, Endurance International, Mumbai

Kubernetes has become the most preferred container orchestrator and is one of the most popular projects on Github. The open source project has grown and matured a lot over last years and enables a consistent way of deploying and scaling applications across clouds.


  • Basic understanding of Docker
  • Basic level programming knowledge

Software Pre-Requisite:

  • A laptop with Docker installed
  • Kubernetes cluster (Install Minikube or Setup GKE - you get 300$ worth of credits, but need to sign up with a credit card, don’t worry you won’t be charged)
  • A text editor & Github ID


The workshop will cover basics of Kubernetes with a hands on lab covering deployment of a simple application on Kubernetes. You will leave with a good understanding of ecosystem and some advanced topics such as monitoring, logging, CI/CD.

  • Setting up Kubernetes (Minikube or GKE) (10 minutes)

  • What is Kubernetes (20 minutes)
    • Container orchestrators evolution (Swarm, Mesos etc.)

    • Architecture of Kubernetes

  • Getting started with Kubernetes (30 minutes)

    • API, Kubectl etc.

    • Building a container image of sample app

    • Basic Constructs of Kubernetes

  • Creating a Pod for application (40 minutes)

    • Understanding ReplicaSet, Deployment, Health checks
  • Creating a config for app (30 minutes)

    • Understanding configmaps, secrets
  • Service and service types (30 minutes)

    • Creating a service for application and accessing it.
  • Doing a rolling upgrade of the application (30 minutes)

  • Basic operations (40 minutes)

    • Monitoring and logging architecture in Kubernetes
  • Where to go from here (10 minutes)

    • References, links, DIY workshops etc.


Vishal Biyani

CTO, Infracloud technologies





Endurance International group of companies, Unit no 5, 501, 5th floor, IT building 3, NESCO IT Park, Nesco complex, Western express highway, Goregoan (East), Mumbai - 400063


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