Workshop: Upskill with Kubernetes

Upskill with basics to advance topics of Kubernetes.

9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, 6 October 2018, Wingify, Pune

Kubernetes has become the most preferred container orchestrator and is one of the most popular projects on Github. The open source project has grown and matured a lot over last years and enables a consistent way of deploying and scaling applications across clouds.


  • Basic understanding of Docker
  • Basic level programming knowledge

Software Pre-Requisite:

  • A laptop with Docker installed
  • Kubernetes cluster (Install Minikube or Setup GKE - you get 300$ worth of credits, but need to sign up with a credit card, don’t worry you won’t be charged)
  • A text editor & Github ID


The workshop will cover basics of Kubernetes with a hands on lab covering deployment of a simple application on Kubernetes. You will leave with a good understanding of ecosystem and some advanced topics such as monitoring, logging, CI/CD.

  • Setting up Kubernetes (Minikube or GKE) (10 minutes)

  • What is Kubernetes (20 minutes)
    • Container orchestrators evolution (Swarm, Mesos etc.)

    • Architecture of Kubernetes

  • Getting started with Kubernetes (30 minutes)

    • API, Kubectl etc.

    • Building a container image of sample app

    • Basic Constructs of Kubernetes

  • Creating a Pod for application (40 minutes)

    • Understanding ReplicaSet, Deployment, Health checks
  • Creating a config for app (30 minutes)

    • Understanding configmaps, secrets
  • Service and service types (30 minutes)

    • Creating a service for application and accessing it.
  • Doing a rolling upgrade of the application (30 minutes)

  • Basic operations (40 minutes)

    • Monitoring and logging architecture in Kubernetes
  • Where to go from here (10 minutes)

    • References, links, DIY workshops etc.


Vishal Biyani

CTO, Infracloud technologies





Wingify, 402, 4th Floor, Zero One Building, Near Passport office, Mundhwa Road, Pune 411036


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