Workshop: Design and implement a scalable application using OpenFaaS

Learn to buil and scale applications by building API's for an e-commerce site

19 May 2018, Bangalore


  • How infrastructure evolved from Data Center to functions

  • When to think about designing functions (Important considerations - break event points, startup latency, complexity managing processes and many more)

  • Principles & uses cases

  • Emerging technologies in the area of functions from security, management, governance, data access, event management & platforms perspective

  • Introduction to one of the platform and framework for functions - OpenFaaS

  • Design principles/patterns from a functions perspective


We will build API’s for an e-commerce site (using OpenFaaS framework) and learn how to connect them via UI and scale this application using Docker & K8’s and touch up monitoring which is an in-built component of OpenFaaS.


Vivek Sridhar

Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean