Rootconf 2018

India's principal conference on devops and infrastructure

11-12 May 2018, Bangalore

Rootconf is where systems and operations engineers share real world knowledge about building reliable systems.

The conference will feature talks on state of the art deployment strategies and appropriate monitoring technologies at different scales. Rootconf 2018 will broadly cover topics like toil, on-call, outage handling, and post-mortem analysis. We are inviting presentation proposals from academics and practitioners on these topics.

Rootconf aims to appeal to the widest possible range of DevOps practitioners: from embryonic startups to the largest established enterprises. We are keen to schedule presentations that appeal both to attendees’ current needs as well as their future aspirations.

Talks from previous edition were broadly on:

  • Capacity planning and deployment strategies
  • Deploying and orchestration of container based infrastructures
  • Monitoring and automation
  • Postmortem/root-cause analysis
  • Outage handling and incident response

You can visit the Rootconf 2017 website or watch the talks.

Call for Proposals

We are currently accepting talk proposal submissions

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