Rootconf 2019

21-22 June 2019, Bangalore

On infrastructure security, SRE, DevOps and distributed systems

Rootconf 2019 looks at the broader theme of costs of the choices we make for infrastructure. Infrastructure is closely tied to the business and product context. Therefore, what are the trade-offs we make for the product, reliability and availability, and customer empathy with each choice? Costs are more than money; they include human rosource reallocation, resources for running infra, and gains/losses in product traction and usage. Let’s discuss this as a community, in 2019.

The 2019 edition is a two-track conference with:

  1. Security talks and tutorials in audi 1 and 2 on 21 June.
  2. SRE, distributed systems and DevOps talks in audi 1 and 2 on 22 June.

Who should attend Rootconf?

  1. DevOps programmers
  2. DevOps leads
  3. Systems engineers
  4. Infrastructure security professionals and experts
  5. DevSecOps teams
  6. Cloud service providers
  7. Companies with heavy cloud usage
  8. Providers of the pieces on which an organization’s IT infrastructure runs – monitoring, log management, alerting, etc
  9. Organizations dealing with large network systems where data must be protected
  10. VPs of engineering
  11. Engineering managers looking to optimize infrastructure and teams

Attend Rootconf to:

  • Learn how to avoid expensive mistakes when designing and maintaining your infrastructure.
  • Network with some of the best systems engineers, SRE, and DevOps programmers in India and South Asia.
  • To participate in the community.

Watch talks from previous editions of Rootconf: HasGeek TV

Rootconf is an inclusive conference.

  1. We provide free childcare to parents who want to bring their children to the conference. A professional agency provides the service. We also have volunteers from the community who conduct sessions for the children. Check the box on childcare facility after you have purchased your ticket, so that we can include your child in the facility.
  2. Rootconf has a strong code of conduct for speakers, sponsors and participants. We take our code of conduct seriously, and have grievance reporting mechanisms if an incident occurs during the conference.

Rootconf 2019 features talks on the following topics:

  1. OSINT and its applications
  2. Key management, encryption and its costs
  3. Running a bug bounty programme in your organization
  4. PolarDB architecture as Cloud Native Architecture
  5. Vitess
  6. SRE and running distributed systems
  7. Routing security
  8. Enabling SRE through automated feedback loops
  9. Log analytics
  10. Tor for DevOps

Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions on DevSecOps, infrastructure as code, running SRE for PaaS products, Ansible, remote working and how to take your home brew projects to CNCF will be held in parallel in the BOF area.

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