Rootconf meetup at WalmartLabs

A meetup in Bangalore for everyone curious server less architecture.

23 Sep 2017, 11 AM - 2 PM, WalmartLabs, Bangalore

On 23rd September, we’re putting together a Rootconf meetup at WalmartLabs. In this meetup, we hope to discuss and debate about server less architecture. Serverless architectures refer to applications that significantly depend on third-party services (knows as Backend as a Service or “BaaS”) or on custom code that’s run in ephemeral containers (Function as a Service or “FaaS”). It allows you to build and run applications and services without having to manage infrastructure.

However, serverless also means serveral drawbacks including problems due to third-party API system, lack of operational tools, architectural complexity & implementation drawbacks. We’ll have 2 talks followed by a panel discussion to delve deeper into the topic.

We’ll have a series of talks on the following topics:

  • Talk 1: Serverless Architecture : When less is more Serverless architecture is a natural progression of computing model. When done right, it can add great value to developers. However, force fitting Serverless would have bad consequences for a project. Akhilesh’s talk discusses the tradeoffs of using Serveless vs IaaS model.
  • Talk 2: Serverless Through Case Studies and Examples Serverless is undoubtedly the hottest technology in cloud, but how is it applied in practice and how can we benefit from it? This talk provides a brief overview of serverless and gets into nitty-gritty details of how to use serverless in practice through a couple of case studies and examples. The first case study (with a demo) covers a chatbot implementation in AWS Lambda. The second case study (with a demo) covers a auto-retweeting code using Apache OpenWhisk and IBM Bluemix. The talk concludes with lessons learned, best practices and practical trade-offs involved in adopting serverless technologies.

If you’d like to get both the sides of server less architecture, this is a great place to be. RSVP now to reserve your spot!

If you’d like to speak at the meetup or on the panel, write to before Thursday, 21st September.


Akhilesh Singh (Speaker & Panelist)

Senior Technical Consultant, Google

Srushith Repakula (Speaker)

Software Engineer, CodeOps Technologies

Ganesh Samarthyam (Speaker & Panelist)

Co-founder, CodeOps Technologies

Joydeep Sen Sarma (Panelist)

Co-founder & CTO, Qubole

Rishu Mehrotra (Panel Moderator)

SRE Manager, LinkedIn



Walmart Labs, Salarpuria Aura, BLOCK A, 1st Floor, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, Kaverappa Layout, Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103, India