(11–12 May 2017)

This year's theme is service reliability. You will hear case studies of how organizations and teams plan, monitor and automate their infrastructure to ensure continous reliabilty and availability of services. You can participate in candid, Off-The-Record (OTR) conversations on cost optimization and resource allocation to make better decisions for your organization.

What to expect at Rootconf?

  • Talks on monitoring and capacity planning.
  • Speakers from Asia, Europe, USA and India will share diverse perspectives on business, technology, economy and policy.
  • Networking.

at Rootconf

DevConf is a world-wide series of community events on Linux and open source technologies for sysadmins.

Rootconf, Red Hat and the Linux Foundation have partnered to co-host DevConf at Rootconf. Workshops and talks at DevConf cover platform technologies – operating systems, provisioning, application development, monitoring and logging.

What to expect at DevConf?

  • Hands-on tutorials on Ansible and SELinux.
  • Introductory sessions on MySQL, OpenStack, Jenkins, Fabric8, Kubernetes and Gluster.
  • Networking.

Icinga Camp

(13 May 2017)

Join us for a day of learning and networking as we discuss monitoring best practices, complementary add-ons (with use cases), and the future roadmap of Icinga.

Speak at Icinga Camp ~ Buy Tickets

Have a great disaster story?

Join our Off-The-Record (OTR) sessions to share your insights and learnings from disasters.

Submit your disaster story

Why you should attend Rootconf

  • To make informed decisions about technologies and processes to adopt for your infrastructure and use case.
  • To avoid expensive mistakes that can affect reliability and availability of your services.
  • Training – from learning how to deploy serverless platforms on Kubernetes, building RESTful APIs, to solving systems engineering challenges with Ansible and Saltstack.
  • To network with some of the best systems engineers and teams via hallway conversations, dinners, and Off-The-Record (OTR) sessions.

Who should attend

  • Systems engineers, DevOps, and sysadmins
  • SRE teams and leaders
  • CTOs, CFOs, and CXOs
  • Enterprises

The ###rootconf community

Conferences bring like-minded people under one umbrella. Insights bind participants and produce the sentiment of community. Our goal is to facilitate conversations and sharing of experiences that eventually lead to friendships which, in turn, foster community.

Rootconf is an ongoing programme:

Join the #Rootconf community on Slack. Participate in the online (Ask Me Anything) AMA sessions. Contribute articles to the Rootconf blog. Propose topics for meetups. Speak at Rootconf meetups round the year. If you work on payments, participate in the DevOps and Payments conference in Mumbai, on July 8. Join our mailing list.

Free childcare

We also welcome children at Rootconf. If you are a primary caretaker who wants to attend the conference, and needs support with childcare, we have it all arranged. Learn more.

Join us online

We run a community Slack team where we have AMAs and discussions. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Join the #rootconf community on Slack Join our mailing list

Conference Schedule

The ###rootconf party

(sponsored by GO-JEK)

Rootconf attendees are invited to an all-inclusive conference party at Brewsky, JP Nagar at the end of Day 1 (11 May).

We’d like to thank our sponsor GO-JEK for making this party possible.

Brewsky, JP Nagar

6:30PM - 11:00PM, 11 May 2017

Shuttles to the party will be available from the conference venue from 6PM

###rootconf networking dinner

Those who have purchased the Superuser conference ticket have access to an exclusive conference dinner with speakers, editors, the HasGeek team, and invited guests on 10 May.

The Woodrose Club, JP Nagar

6:30PM - 11:00PM, 10 May 2017

Available only to Superuser ticket holders and invited guests




MLR Convention Centre

Brigade Millenium Complex, J.P. Nagar 7th Phase
Bangalore, Karnataka India.
Phone: 080-40182222


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