Rootconf is an event on DevOps and Cloud infrastructure with workshops on 14 - 15 May and conference on 16 - 17 May 2014 at Bangalore. Rootconf will help you to plan and develop a strategy map for infrastructure and devops. It will show you the building blocks for reaching a strategy for Infrastructure Scaling, Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery.

Rootconf is targeted at individuals, teams and companies that are seeking to scale the effectiveness of their developer teams and performance of their web stacks, thereby increase the Cadence of their software delivery. Organizations which need a CI and CD strategy to achieve the above will find a substantial headstart in doing so, by attending Rootconf.

Rootconf Event Series

Run-up events, Workshops & Conference

Super Early Geek ₹2400
Early Geek ₹2700
Conference ₹3000
Workshops ₹4000
Corporate ₹7000
Single Day Conference ticket ₹1500
workshops Schedule
14 - 15 May
conference Schedule
16 - 17 May
Day 1 Time Day 2
Check-in & Breakfast
08:30 am
Check-in & Breakfast
09:15 am
Building Elastic Infrastructures
Pankaj Kaushal
09:30 am
When the Internet Bleeded
Anant Shrivastava
Quick Prototyping with LXC and Puppet
Benjamin Kero
10:15 am
DDOS mitigation @flipkart
Sameer Garg
Tea break
11:00 am
Tea break
Avoiding single point of failure in a multi-services architecture
Gurteshwar Singh
11:30 am
Mesos: Cluster management framework and it's role at Shopify
Yagnik Khanna
Production is Priority - Self Fix / Heal Techniques
Jabir Ahmed
12:15 pm
Building Orchestration and Configuration with Ansible
Aditya Patawari
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01:00 pm
How fast can you onboard a new team member
Vivek Parihar
02:00 pm
CitoEngine: Alert management and automation tool.
Cyrus Dasadia
Scale anything with haproxy
Mohamed Imran K R
02:20 pm
Automation using RobotFramework for embedded device
Sriramkumar VH
Tsuru - Serve it yourself.
Rohit Nair
02:40 pm
Scaling to 2000 request per second with MongoDB
Suchit Puri
Diggin' Diamonds from a Coal Mine
Sudeep Agarwal
03:00 pm
Flash talks
Tea break
03:45 pm
Tea break
Flash talks
04:15 pm
How we reduced the launch of a 60 node production cluster on the cloud from 3 days to 2 hours
Sriharsha Chillara
Flash talks
04:35 pm
PostgreSQL as NoSQL
Testing Infrastructure Code using Test-kitchen, Docker and Chef-Zero
Kamalika Majumder
05:00 pm
Scaling databases with a database abstraction layer
Gaurav Gupta
Continuous Multi-stack Deployments on Cloud using Docker
Vinothini Raju
05:45 pm
Feedback & comments
Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services foundation (sponsored)
06:15 pm
Networking dinner
Sponsored by  Sequoia Capital
07:00 pm

Previous edition

The first edition of Rootconf was held on May 2012, at Dharamaram Vidya Kshethram, Bangalore. The single day three track conference featured Configuration Deployment/Management, Performance Tuning, Security, Virtualization, Cloud & Monitoring.


MLR Convention Centre, J.P. Nagar
Brigade Millenium Complex, J.P. Nagar 7th Phase
Bangalore, Karnataka India.
Phone: +91 8861386058, 9886123435, 9880405439, 080-40182222



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