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Runup Events while we gear up for Rootconf
As you may be aware, Rootconf has been rescheduled. So, now we are a month farther than what we would have otherwise been. We thought this is a good opportunity to give you a platform to charge yourself up for the main event. So, we have gone ahead and …
Rootconf 2014 is rescheduled
The Election Commission has announced the dates for the next Lok Sabha elections and Karnataka is going to the polls on April 17, bang in the middle of Rootconf. We feel this will be rather disruptive for the event, and we do believe all of us should be going to vote, so we're rescheduling Rootconf to a month later.
Post preview videos as a part of your funnel proposals!
We just introduced two spanking new features on Funnel: The ability to attach preview videos to your proposals and the ability to link blog posts from the event blog to proposals! This post covers more about why we introduced these and what you need to do about it.
Welcome to the Rootconf Blog!
Welcome to the Rootconf Blog. We will use this blog to keep you updated on the latest activities and news for each edition of Rootconf! Our team is gearing up for…


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