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Post preview videos as a part of your funnel proposals!

by Mitesh Ashar · Feb 27, 2014, 1:27:27 AM

We just introduced two spanking new features on Funnel: The ability to attach preview videos to your proposals and the ability to link blog posts from the event blog to proposals!

Preview Videos

Since eons, we have had a practice of collecting preview videos submitted by confirmed speakers at our conferences. The intention of that has been to give the audience a better idea about their session.

A snapshot of where preview videos show up on a proposal pageWe think it is a good idea to extend this to proposals and let proposers use videos as a medium to effectively and crisply communicate what they are proposing to cover in their session. An effective and well curated video also increases the chances of receiving more votes!

So, we made it easy for you to attach preview videos to your proposals with the click of a button!

You can just use the edit link located below the title on your proposal page on funnel as shown below, to update your proposal with your preview video!

Proposal Page: Edit/Delete Links

Need some help?

Want help making your preview video?

Check out thesethese and many more on HasGeek TV to get a headstart on what past speakers have attempted to cover in their videos.

Also, it will really help if you choose a quiet environment with soothing ambience.

Blog Posts

Starting with this edition of Rootconf, we will use the event blog to publish blog posts sent to us by proposers.

Proposers can choose to write up a blog post that covers the following:

  • Explains stuff that they may not have covered on the proposal page.
  • Contains any code samples, technical details, etc that they are going to cover in their proposal.
  • Briefly or maybe even in an elaborate fashion, touches much of what is going to be covered in the talk. To do this, is a choice you should make based on whether the post can act as a valuable precursor to your talk, and can generate enough interest in people about what you are going to conjure on stage!
  • Why the topic you are speaking about is important, or why people should attend your talk.
  • Dont forget to ask people to vote at the end of the post! Afterall you should get returns for your hard work writing the post, in the form of votes!

To start off with, we are currently accepting blog posts in two forms:

  • Write a post on your blog and email the link to us with the permission to cross post it on the Rootconf blog.
  • Email us the blog post, and we will publish it.

You can email either me or Jamna, and we will take care of it.

Get going!

So, get going then! If you have already proposed a talk, go on and pitch in your videos and blog posts! If you haven't yet proposed, consider proposing a talk!

Use your blog posts and preview videos as powerful pitches for your talk proposals! Looking forward to some exciting stuff from all of you!


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